Creative Missions 2013 - Alaska

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$7,176 of $7,500 (96%)

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Add Your Face to the Cause

Will You "Join the 100?"

When we tell folks about Creative Missions, the first thing most people ask is "How can I be a part of that?" Here's your chance!

A mission team of 30 creatives and communicators is heading to Anchorage, Alaska on May 18 to spend a week pouring into dozens of ministries and ministers. You can read a little more about why we're going and what we're doing further down this page.

Creative Missions operates on a shoestring budget each year; all missionaries donate their time and resources (in addition to paying a trip fee and arranging their own travel), and its your donations that allow us to pull of these logisitically challenging trips.

We need your help! Alaska is expensive, and we're projecting a $7,500 shortfall for our ministry goals.

The Ask

We're asking 100 individuals/organizations to "Join the 100" and back this trip by donating $75. If you can give more, that would be amazing. If you can only give a little, we would really appreciate that too.

To give, simply click "Give Now" at the top of this page and start the process. Your donation will be processed through PayPal (you don't have to have an account!), so its completely safe and secure. Even better, all donations are 100% tax deductible through the Center for Church Communication.

How Will My Donation Be Used?

Your donations go a long way. Here are just a few of the ways the money will be used...

  • Ground transport and fuel for ~30 Creative Missionaries (some of the ministries/projects for the week are up to 3 hours away!)
  • Lodging assistance
  • Sign printing for ministries
  • Flyers/postcards/materials for ministries
  • Learning library for ministries
  • Software for ministries
  • Cables/lighting/wiring for ministries
  • Materials for community engagement projects
  • Other hardware for ministries
  • Workshops for ministries and their communities (some ministers are driving from 6+ hours away to attend!)
  • ...and much more!

A Little More About Creative Missions

Creative Missions is an effort to send creatives and communicators within the Church on yearly trips to impact a specific region. Ultimately, Creative Missions pairs teams of church communications gurus, creatives and techies with under-resourced churches and ministries to create sustainable solutions that better engage and communicate the gospel to their communities. Burdens and spirits are being lifted. It's awesome to see the countenance of pastors and ministry leaders lift after only a week.

The creative missionaries learn lessons and insights of their own as they work closely (and feverishly!) with other professionals over the week of the trip. Iron sharpens iron, and folks return home better at what they do and inspired to do more.

Jon Rogers, who served on the first trip in 2011, captures it all with this quote:

No, we didn’t build a church building or construct an orphanage. No we didn’t run a VBS or witness on the streets. We have created sustainable solutions for churches to effectively communicate an ultimate message of God’s never-ending love for each community these churches are involved in.

Creative Missions exists thanks to the support of countless donors and sponsors.

Why Alaska?

Alaska is the least churched state in the country and leads the nation in almost all of the worst statistics (suicide, depression, teen pregnancy, sexual abuse). Some move to Alaska to run away from things, including other people and even the influence of Christianity. Itʼs no surprise the biggest felt need is acceptance – community and belonging.

However, God is at work and doing new things. People are responding to a gospel of grace. Thereʼs a real sense of unity among pastors. For the first time in years, many churches are being planted and partnering with established churches to bring revival to Alaska.

Working with a total of 15 churches and ministries, we're helping folks like Jay in Wasilla who recently followed Godʼs call by moving his family from Virginia to plant a church. Heʼs bi-vocational. His full-time gig is working at Lowes Hardware. Creative Missions is the least we can do to help guys like that.

We're also holding workshops for pastors and ministry leaders on topics such as social media, communications best practices, and community engagement. Some are even willing to drive 6 hours to be a part of these!

Finally, the good folks of Anchorage believe Alaska is the only state in the country where if you influence one city (Anchorage) you can influence the entire state. This is good news for us. Weʼre specifically helping churches in the greater Anchorage area to maximize the impact of Creative Missions in Alaska. You will play a part in spreading the gospel to all of Alaska!


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